Every XX-formsytem is build up around these primary criterions: 1. A primary standard XX-form double XX-octave similar to our xx-organs – at any out-separation xle level. 2. Various xx-layers of allmost the same kind of smaller XX-formsystems (xx-cells, xx-atoms etc.) – similar to our bio-cells only marginal adjusted to the various single, standard XX-form representing, xx-organs specific needs. 3. The xx-layers distribution down to the NT-form (nothing) – similar to the big sense FN/TN se/po-octave!

It is very important to notice that the overall conduct IT-forms (personal identity, will-power) and thereby the xxla layers is sitting on the common ‘side’ of the both special-common out-separation of the xx-units/xx-nuances! It´s of cause due to fact that the common XX-forms are the XX over-forms! It still means that the fundamental out-separation or current flow of new creating FN(/TN)-forms (the still renewing) of old XX-forms will support the xxla layers on both sides of the special and common ‘side’ of the special/common divide down by the NT-form! It also means that the layers will contain special xx-units and common xx-nuances evenly focused as log as they are XX anti-forms to each other in the XX-formsystem!


To get practical results out of the theory of some significance we have to consider all the issues in it but the possibilities are numerous.

The table below will make it easier to find the more significant standard qv values in the common accumulation and special out-separations. But we must also notice that all kind of sizes can form higher/lower XX-fomsystems. In spite of the fact that all animals have the same kind (size) of bio-cells they can themselves have all kind of sizes an numbers of bio-cells connected in it to a cooperating unit! The reason why, lays in the fact that bio-cells (components) are universal (standard) and can form any kind of xx-organs in animals together – animals (smalle) can´t do that themselves!

STANDARD OUT-SEPARATION QU VALUES (All standard XX-forms (1:2.. ) out-separation common accumulated on the left): 
Com. 1:2 qv  Spc. 2:1 qv 
1 1
2 0,5
4 0,25
8 0,125
16 0,0625
32 0,03125
64 0,015625
128 0,0078125
256 0,00390625
512 0,001953125
1024 0,000976563
2048 0,000488281
4096 0,000244141
8192 0,00012207
16384 6,10352E-05
32768 3,05176E-05
65536 1,52588E-05
131072 7,62939E-06
262144 3,8147E-06
524288 1,90735E-06
1048576 9,53674E-07
2097152 4,76837E-07
4194304 2,38419E-07
8388608 1,19209E-07
16777216 5,96046E-08
33554432 2,98023E-08
67108864 1,49012E-08
134217728 7,45058E-09
268435456 3,72529E-09
536870912 1,86265E-09
1073741824 9,31323E-10
2147483648 4,65661E-10
4294967296 2,32831E-10
8589934592 1,16415E-10
17179869184 5,82077E-11
34359738368 2,91038E-11
68719476736 1,45519E-11
1,37439E+11 7,27596E-12
2,74878E+11 3,63798E-12
5,49756E+11 1,81899E-12
1,09951E+12 9,09495E-13
2,19902E+12 4,54747E-13
4,39805E+12 2,27374E-13
8,79609E+12 1,13687E-13
1,75922E+13 5,68434E-14
3,51844E+13 2,84217E-14
7,03687E+13 1,42109E-14
1,40737E+14 7,10543E-15
2,81475E+14 3,55271E-15
5,6295E+14 1,77636E-15
1,1259E+15 8,88178E-16
2,2518E+15 4,44089E-16
4,5036E+15 2,22045E-16
9,0072E+15 1,11022E-16
1,80144E+16 5,55112E-17
3,60288E+16 2,77556E-17
7,20576E+16 1,38778E-17
1,44115E+17 6,93889E-18
2,8823E+17 3,46945E-18
5,76461E+17 1,73472E-18
1,15292E+18 8,67362E-19
2,30584E+18 4,33681E-19
4,61169E+18 2,1684E-19
9,22337E+18 1,0842E-19
1,84467E+19 5,42101E-20
3,68935E+19 2,71051E-20
7,3787E+19 1,35525E-20
1,47574E+20 6,77626E-21
2,95148E+20 3,38813E-21
5,90296E+20 1,69407E-21
1,18059E+21 8,47033E-22
2,36118E+21 4,23516E-22
4,72237E+21 2,11758E-22
9,44473E+21 1,05879E-22
1,88895E+22 5,29396E-23
3,77789E+22 2,64698E-23
7,55579E+22 1,32349E-23
1,51116E+23 6,61744E-24
3,02231E+23 3,30872E-24
6,04463E+23 1,65436E-24
1,20893E+24 8,27181E-25
2,41785E+24 4,1359E-25
4,8357E+24 2,06795E-25
9,67141E+24 1,03398E-25
1,93428E+25 5,16988E-26
3,86856E+25 2,58494E-26
7,73713E+25 1,29247E-26
1,54743E+26 6,46235E-27
3,09485E+26 3,23117E-27
6,1897E+26 1,61559E-27
1,23794E+27 8,07794E-28
2,47588E+27 4,03897E-28
4,95176E+27 2,01948E-28
9,90352E+27 1,00974E-28
1,9807E+28 5,04871E-29
3,96141E+28 2,52435E-29
7,92282E+28 1,26218E-29
1,58456E+29 6,31089E-30
3,16913E+29 3,15544E-30
6,33825E+29 1,57772E-30
1,26765E+30 7,88861E-31
2,5353E+30 3,9443E-31
5,0706E+30 1,97215E-31
1,01412E+31 9,86076E-32
2,02824E+31 4,93038E-32
4,05648E+31 2,46519E-32
8,11296E+31 1,2326E-32
1,62259E+32 6,16298E-33
3,24519E+32 3,08149E-33
6,49037E+32 1,54074E-33
1,29807E+33 7,70372E-34
2,59615E+33 3,85186E-34
5,1923E+33 1,92593E-34
1,03846E+34 9,62965E-35
2,07692E+34 4,81482E-35
4,15384E+34 2,40741E-35
8,30767E+34 1,20371E-35
1,66153E+35 6,01853E-36
3,32307E+35 3,00927E-36
6,64614E+35 1,50463E-36
1,32923E+36 7,52316E-37
2,65846E+36 3,76158E-37
5,31691E+36 1,88079E-37
1,06338E+37 9,40395E-38
2,12676E+37 4,70198E-38
4,25353E+37 2,35099E-38
8,50706E+37 1,17549E-38
1,70141E+38 5,87747E-39
3,40282E+38 2,93874E-39
6,80565E+38 1,46937E-39
1,36113E+39 7,34684E-40
2,72226E+39 3,67342E-40
5,44452E+39 1,83671E-40
1,0889E+40 9,18355E-41
2,17781E+40 4,59177E-41
4,35561E+40 2,29589E-41
8,71123E+40 1,14794E-41
1,74225E+41 5,73972E-42
3,48449E+41 2,86986E-42
6,96898E+41 1,43493E-42
1,3938E+42 7,17465E-43
2,78759E+42 3,58732E-43
5,57519E+42 1,79366E-43
1,11504E+43 8,96831E-44
2,23007E+43 4,48416E-44
4,46015E+43 2,24208E-44
8,9203E+43 1,12104E-44
1,78406E+44 5,60519E-45
3,56812E+44 2,8026E-45
7,13624E+44 1,4013E-45
1,42725E+45 7,00649E-46
2,8545E+45 3,50325E-46
5,70899E+45 1,75162E-46
1,1418E+46 8,75812E-47
2,2836E+46 4,37906E-47
4,56719E+46 2,18953E-47
9,13439E+46 1,09476E-47
1,82688E+47 5,47382E-48
3,65375E+47 2,73691E-48
7,30751E+47 1,36846E-48
1,4615E+48 6,84228E-49
2,923E+48 3,42114E-49
5,84601E+48 1,71057E-49
1,1692E+49 8,55285E-50
2,3384E+49 4,27642E-50
4,67681E+49 2,13821E-50
9,35361E+49 1,06911E-50
1,87072E+50 5,34553E-51
3,74144E+50 2,67276E-51
7,48289E+50 1,33638E-51
1,49658E+51 6,68191E-52
2,99316E+51 3,34096E-52
5,98631E+51 1,67048E-52
1,19726E+52 8,35239E-53
2,39452E+52 4,17619E-53
4,78905E+52 2,0881E-53
9,5781E+52 1,04405E-53
1,91562E+53 5,22024E-54
3,83124E+53 2,61012E-54
7,66248E+53 1,30506E-54
1,5325E+54 6,5253E-55
3,06499E+54 3,26265E-55
6,12998E+54 1,63133E-55
1,226E+55 8,15663E-56
2,45199E+55 4,07832E-56
4,90399E+55 2,03916E-56
9,80797E+55 1,01958E-56
1,96159E+56 5,09789E-57
3,92319E+56 2,54895E-57
7,84638E+56 1,27447E-57
1,56928E+57 6,37237E-58
3,13855E+57 3,18618E-58
6,2771E+57 1,59309E-58
1,25542E+58 7,96546E-59
2,51084E+58 3,98273E-59
5,02168E+58 1,99136E-59
1,00434E+59 9,95682E-60
2,00867E+59 4,97841E-60
4,01735E+59 2,48921E-60
8,03469E+59 1,2446E-60
1,60694E+60 6,22302E-61
3,21388E+60 3,11151E-61
6,42775E+60 1,55575E-61
1,28555E+61 7,77877E-62
2,5711E+61 3,88938E-62
5,1422E+61 1,94469E-62
1,02844E+62 9,72346E-63
2,05688E+62 4,86173E-63
4,11376E+62 2,43087E-63
8,22752E+62 1,21543E-63
1,6455E+63 6,07716E-64
3,29101E+63 3,03858E-64
6,58202E+63 1,51929E-64
1,3164E+64 7,59645E-65
2,63281E+64 3,79823E-65
5,26561E+64 1,89911E-65
1,05312E+65 9,49557E-66
2,10625E+65 4,74778E-66
4,21249E+65 2,37389E-66
8,42498E+65 1,18695E-66
1,685E+66 5,93473E-67
3,36999E+66 2,96736E-67
6,73999E+66 1,48368E-67
1,348E+67 7,41841E-68
2,69599E+67 3,70921E-68
5,39199E+67 1,8546E-68
1,0784E+68 9,27302E-69
2,1568E+68 4,63651E-69
4,31359E+68 2,31825E-69
8,62718E+68 1,15913E-69
1,72544E+69 5,79563E-70
3,45087E+69 2,89782E-70
6,90175E+69 1,44891E-70
1,38035E+70 7,24454E-71
2,7607E+70 3,62227E-71
5,5214E+70 1,81114E-71
1,10428E+71 9,05568E-72
2,20856E+71 4,52784E-72
4,41712E+71 2,26392E-72
8,83424E+71 1,13196E-72
1,76685E+72 5,6598E-73
3,53369E+72 2,8299E-73
7,06739E+72 1,41495E-73
1,41348E+73 7,07475E-74
2,82696E+73 3,53737E-74
5,65391E+73 1,76869E-74
1,13078E+74 8,84344E-75
2,26156E+74 4,42172E-75
4,52313E+74 2,21086E-75
9,04626E+74 1,10543E-75
1,80925E+75 5,52715E-76
3,6185E+75 2,76357E-76
7,23701E+75 1,38179E-76
1,4474E+76 6,90893E-77
2,8948E+76 3,45447E-77
5,7896E+76 1,72723E-77
1,15792E+77 8,63617E-78
2,31584E+77 4,31808E-78
4,63168E+77 2,15904E-78
9,26337E+77 1,07952E-78
1,85267E+78 5,39761E-79
3,70535E+78 2,6988E-79
7,41069E+78 1,3494E-79
1,48214E+79 6,74701E-80
2,96428E+79 3,3735E-80
5,92855E+79 1,68675E-80
1,18571E+80 8,43376E-81
2,37142E+80 4,21688E-81
4,74284E+80 2,10844E-81
9,48569E+80 1,05422E-81
1,89714E+81 5,2711E-82
3,79428E+81 2,63555E-82
7,58855E+81 1,31777E-82
1,51771E+82 6,58887E-83
3,03542E+82 3,29444E-83
6,07084E+82 1,64722E-83
1,21417E+83 8,23609E-84
2,42834E+83 4,11805E-84
4,85667E+83 2,05902E-84
9,71334E+83 1,02951E-84
1,94267E+84 5,14756E-85
3,88534E+84 2,57378E-85
7,77068E+84 1,28689E-85
1,55414E+85 6,43445E-86
3,10827E+85 3,21722E-86
6,21654E+85 1,60861E-86
1,24331E+86 8,04306E-87
2,48662E+86 4,02153E-87
4,97323E+86 2,01076E-87
9,94646E+86 1,00538E-87
1,98929E+87 5,02691E-88
3,97859E+87 2,51346E-88
7,95717E+87 1,25673E-88
1,59143E+88 6,28364E-89
3,18287E+88 3,14182E-89
6,36574E+88 1,57091E-89
1,27315E+89 7,85455E-90
2,54629E+89 3,92727E-90
5,09259E+89 1,96364E-90
1,01852E+90 9,81819E-91
2,03704E+90 4,90909E-91
4,07407E+90 2,45455E-91
8,14814E+90 1,22727E-91
1,62963E+91 6,13637E-92
3,25926E+91 3,06818E-92
6,51852E+91 1,53409E-92
1,3037E+92 7,67046E-93
2,60741E+92 3,83523E-93
5,21481E+92 1,91761E-93
1,04296E+93 9,58807E-94
2,08592E+93 4,79404E-94
4,17185E+93 2,39702E-94
8,3437E+93 1,19851E-94
1,66874E+94 5,99255E-95
3,33748E+94 2,99627E-95
6,67496E+94 1,49814E-95
1,33499E+95 7,49068E-96
2,66998E+95 3,74534E-96
5,33997E+95 1,87267E-96
1,06799E+96 9,36335E-97
2,13599E+96 4,68168E-97
4,27197E+96 2,34084E-97
8,54395E+96 1,17042E-97
1,70879E+97 5,8521E-98
3,41758E+97 2,92605E-98
6,83516E+97 1,46302E-98
1,36703E+98 7,3151E-99
2,73406E+98 3,6576E-99
5,46813E+98 1,8288E-99
1,0936E+99 9,1439E-100
2,1873E+99 4,5719E-100
4,3745E+99 2,286E-100
8,749E+99 1,143E-100
1,7498E+100 5,7149E-101
3,4996E+100 2,8575E-101
6,9992E+100 1,4287E-101
1,3998E+101 7,1437E-102
2,7997E+101 3,5718E-102
5,5994E+101 1,7859E-102
1,1199E+102 8,9296E-103
2,2397E+102 4,4648E-103
4,4795E+102 2,2324E-103
8,959E+102 1,1162E-103
1,7918E+103 5,581E-104
3,5836E+103 2,7905E-104
7,1672E+103 1,3952E-104
1,4334E+104 6,9762E-105
2,8669E+104 3,4881E-105
5,7337E+104 1,7441E-105
1,1467E+105 8,7203E-106
2,2935E+105 4,3602E-106
4,587E+105 2,1801E-106
9,174E+105 1,09E-106
1,8348E+106 5,4502E-107
3,6696E+106 2,7251E-107
7,3392E+106 1,3625E-107
1,4678E+107 6,8127E-108
2,9357E+107 3,4064E-108
5,8714E+107 1,7032E-108
1,1743E+108 8,5159E-109
2,3485E+108 4,258E-109
4,6971E+108 2,129E-109
9,3942E+108 1,0645E-109
1,8788E+109 5,3224E-110
3,7577E+109 2,6612E-110
7,5153E+109 1,3306E-110
1,5031E+110 6,6531E-111
3,0061E+110 3,3265E-111
6,0123E+110 1,6633E-111
1,2025E+111 8,3163E-112
2,4049E+111 4,1582E-112
4,8098E+111 2,0791E-112
9,6196E+111 1,0395E-112
1,9239E+112 5,1977E-113
3,8479E+112 2,5989E-113
7,6957E+112 1,2994E-113
1,5391E+113 6,4971E-114
3,0783E+113 3,2486E-114
6,1566E+113 1,6243E-114
1,2313E+114 8,1214E-115
2,4626E+114 4,0607E-115
4,9253E+114 2,0304E-115
9,8505E+114 1,0152E-115
1,9701E+115 5,0759E-116
3,9402E+115 2,5379E-116
7,8804E+115 1,269E-116
1,5761E+116 6,3449E-117
3,1522E+116 3,1724E-117
6,3043E+116 1,5862E-117
1,2609E+117 7,9311E-118
2,5217E+117 3,9655E-118
5,0435E+117 1,9828E-118
1,0087E+118 9,9138E-119
2,0174E+118 4,9569E-119
4,0348E+118 2,4785E-119
8,0695E+118 1,2392E-119
1,6139E+119 6,1961E-120
3,2278E+119 3,0981E-120
6,4556E+119 1,549E-120
1,2911E+120 7,7452E-121
2,5822E+120 3,8726E-121
5,1645E+120 1,9363E-121
1,0329E+121 9,6815E-122
2,0658E+121 4,8407E-122
4,1316E+121 2,4204E-122
8,2632E+121 1,2102E-122
1,6526E+122 6,0509E-123
3,3053E+122 3,0255E-123
6,6106E+122 1,5127E-123
1,3221E+123 7,5637E-124
2,6442E+123 3,7818E-124
5,2884E+123 1,8909E-124
1,0577E+124 9,4546E-125
2,1154E+124 4,7273E-125
4,2308E+124 2,3636E-125
8,4615E+124 1,1818E-125
1,6923E+125 5,9091E-126
3,3846E+125 2,9546E-126
6,7692E+125 1,4773E-126

HY-ATOM ‘skin’-surface on dia. 1,1 A
2,7077E+126 3,6932E-127
5,4154E+126 1,8466E-127
1,0831E+127 9,233E-128
2,1661E+127 4,6165E-128
4,3323E+127 2,3082E-128
8,6646E+127 1,1541E-128
1,7329E+128 5,7706E-129
3,4658E+128 2,8853E-129
6,9317E+128 1,4427E-129
1,3863E+129 7,2133E-130
2,7727E+129 3,6066E-130
5,5453E+129 1,8033E-130
1,1091E+130 9,0166E-131
2,2181E+130 4,5083E-131
4,4363E+130 2,2541E-131
8,8725E+130 1,1271E-131
1,7745E+131 5,6354E-132
3,549E+131 2,8177E-132
7,098E+131 1,4088E-132
1,4196E+132 7,0442E-133
2,8392E+132 3,5221E-133
5,6784E+132 1,7611E-133
1,1357E+133 8,8053E-134
2,2714E+133 4,4026E-134
4,5427E+133 2,2013E-134
9,0855E+133 1,1007E-134
1,8171E+134 5,5033E-135
3,6342E+134 2,7516E-135
7,2684E+134 1,3758E-135
1,4537E+135 6,8791E-136
2,9074E+135 3,4396E-136
5,8147E+135 1,7198E-136
1,1629E+136 8,5989E-137
2,3259E+136 4,2994E-137
4,6518E+136 2,1497E-137
9,3035E+136 1,0749E-137
1,8607E+137 5,3743E-138
3,7214E+137 2,6872E-138
7,4428E+137 1,3436E-138
1,4886E+138 6,7179E-139
2,9771E+138 3,3589E-139
5,9543E+138 1,6795E-139
1,1909E+139 8,3973E-140
2,3817E+139 4,1987E-140
4,7634E+139 2,0993E-140
9,5268E+139 1,0497E-140
1,9054E+140 5,2483E-141
3,8107E+140 2,6242E-141
7,6215E+140 1,3121E-141
1,5243E+141 6,5604E-142
3,0486E+141 3,2802E-142
6,0972E+141 1,6401E-142
1,2194E+142 8,2005E-143
2,4389E+142 4,1003E-143
4,8777E+142 2,0501E-143
9,7555E+142 1,0251E-143
1,9511E+143 5,1253E-144
3,9022E+143 2,5627E-144
7,8044E+143 1,2813E-144
1,5609E+144 6,4067E-145
3,1217E+144 3,2033E-145
6,2435E+144 1,6017E-145
1,2487E+145 8,0083E-146
2,4974E+145 4,0042E-146
4,9948E+145 2,0021E-146
9,9896E+145 1,001E-146
1,9979E+146 5,0052E-147
3,9958E+146 2,5026E-147
7,9917E+146 1,2513E-147
1,5983E+147 6,2565E-148
3,1967E+147 3,1283E-148
6,3933E+147 1,5641E-148
1,2787E+148 7,8206E-149
2,5573E+148 3,9103E-149
5,1147E+148 1,9552E-149
1,0229E+149 9,7758E-150
2,0459E+149 4,8879E-150
4,0917E+149 2,4439E-150
8,1835E+149 1,222E-150
1,6367E+150 6,1099E-151
3,2734E+150 3,0549E-151
6,5468E+150 1,5275E-151
1,3094E+151 7,6373E-152
2,6187E+151 3,8187E-152
5,2374E+151 1,9093E-152
1,0475E+152 9,5467E-153
2,095E+152 4,7733E-153
4,1899E+152 2,3867E-153
8,3799E+152 1,1933E-153
1,676E+153 5,9667E-154
3,352E+153 2,9833E-154
6,7039E+153 1,4917E-154
1,3408E+154 7,4583E-155
2,6816E+154 3,7292E-155
5,3631E+154 1,8646E-155
1,0726E+155 9,3229E-156
2,1452E+155 4,6615E-156
4,2905E+155 2,3307E-156
8,581E+155 1,1654E-156
1,7162E+156 5,8268E-157
3,4324E+156 2,9134E-157
6,8648E+156 1,4567E-157
1,373E+157 7,2835E-158
2,7459E+157 3,6418E-158
5,4918E+157 1,8209E-158
1,0984E+158 9,1044E-159
2,1967E+158 4,5522E-159
4,3935E+158 2,2761E-159
8,7869E+158 1,1381E-159
1,7574E+159 5,6903E-160
3,5148E+159 2,8451E-160
7,0296E+159 1,4226E-160
1,4059E+160 7,1128E-161
2,8118E+160 3,5564E-161
5,6236E+160 1,7782E-161
1,1247E+161 8,891E-162
2,2495E+161 4,4455E-162
4,4989E+161 2,2228E-162
8,9978E+161 1,1114E-162
1,7996E+162 5,5569E-163
3,5991E+162 2,7784E-163
7,1983E+162 1,3892E-163
1,4397E+163 6,9461E-164
2,8793E+163 3,4731E-164
5,7586E+163 1,7365E-164
1,1517E+164 8,6827E-165
2,3034E+164 4,3413E-165
4,6069E+164 2,1707E-165
9,2138E+164 1,0853E-165
1,8428E+165 5,4267E-166
3,6855E+165 2,7133E-166
7,371E+165 1,3567E-166
1,4742E+166 6,7833E-167
2,9484E+166 3,3917E-167
5,8968E+166 1,6958E-167
1,1794E+167 8,4792E-168
2,3587E+167 4,2396E-168
4,7175E+167 2,1198E-168
9,4349E+167 1,0599E-168
1,887E+168 5,2995E-169
3,774E+168 2,6497E-169
7,5479E+168 1,3249E-169
1,5096E+169 6,6243E-170
3,0192E+169 3,3122E-170
6,0383E+169 1,6561E-170
1,2077E+170 8,2804E-171
2,4153E+170 4,1402E-171
4,8307E+170 2,0701E-171
9,6613E+170 1,0351E-171
1,9323E+171 5,1753E-172
3,8645E+171 2,5876E-172
7,7291E+171 1,2938E-172
1,5458E+172 6,4691E-173
3,0916E+172 3,2345E-173
6,1833E+172 1,6173E-173
1,2367E+173 8,0863E-174
2,4733E+173 4,0432E-174
4,9466E+173 2,0216E-174
9,8932E+173 1,0108E-174
1,9786E+174 5,054E-175
3,9573E+174 2,527E-175
7,9146E+174 1,2635E-175
1,5829E+175 6,3175E-176
3,1658E+175 3,1587E-176
6,3317E+175 1,5794E-176
1,2663E+176 7,8968E-177
2,5327E+176 3,9484E-177
5,0653E+176 1,9742E-177
1,0131E+177 9,871E-178
2,0261E+177 4,9355E-178
4,0523E+177 2,4678E-178
8,1045E+177 1,2339E-178
1,6209E+178 6,1694E-179
3,2418E+178 3,0847E-179
6,4836E+178 1,5423E-179
1,2967E+179 7,7117E-180
2,5934E+179 3,8559E-180
5,1869E+179 1,9279E-180
1,0374E+180 9,6397E-181
2,0748E+180 4,8198E-181
4,1495E+180 2,4099E-181
8,299E+180 1,205E-181
1,6598E+181 6,0248E-182
3,3196E+181 3,0124E-182
6,6392E+181 1,5062E-182
1,3278E+182 7,531E-183
2,6557E+182 3,7655E-183
5,3114E+182 1,8827E-183
1,0623E+183 9,4137E-184
2,1246E+183 4,7069E-184
4,2491E+183 2,3534E-184
8,4982E+183 1,1767E-184
1,6996E+184 5,8836E-185
3,3993E+184 2,9418E-185
6,7986E+184 1,4709E-185
1,3597E+185 7,3545E-186
2,7194E+185 3,6772E-186
5,4389E+185 1,8386E-186
1,0878E+186 9,1931E-187
2,1755E+186 4,5966E-187
4,3511E+186 2,2983E-187
8,7022E+186 1,1491E-187
1,7404E+187 5,7457E-188
3,4809E+187 2,8728E-188
6,9617E+187 1,4364E-188
1,3923E+188 7,1821E-189
2,7847E+188 3,5911E-189
5,5694E+188 1,7955E-189
1,1139E+189 8,9777E-190
2,2278E+189 4,4888E-190
4,4555E+189 2,2444E-190
8,911E+189 1,1222E-190
1,7822E+190 5,611E-191
3,5644E+190 2,8055E-191
7,1288E+190 1,4028E-191
1,4258E+191 7,0138E-192
2,8515E+191 3,5069E-192
5,7031E+191 1,7534E-192
1,1406E+192 8,7672E-193
2,2812E+192 4,3836E-193
4,5624E+192 2,1918E-193
9,1249E+192 1,0959E-193
1,825E+193 5,4795E-194
3,65E+193 2,7398E-194
7,2999E+193 1,3699E-194
1,46E+194 6,8494E-195
2,92E+194 3,4247E-195
5,8399E+194 1,7124E-195
1,168E+195 8,5618E-196
2,336E+195 4,2809E-196
4,6719E+195 2,1404E-196
9,3439E+195 1,0702E-196
1,8688E+196 5,3511E-197
3,7376E+196 2,6755E-197
7,4751E+196 1,3378E-197
1,495E+197 6,6889E-198
2,99E+197 3,3444E-198
5,9801E+197 1,6722E-198
1,196E+198 8,3611E-199
2,392E+198 4,1805E-199
4,7841E+198 2,0903E-199
9,5681E+198 1,0451E-199
1,9136E+199 5,2257E-200
3,8273E+199 2,6128E-200
7,6545E+199 1,3064E-200
1,5309E+200 6,5321E-201
3,0618E+200 3,2661E-201
6,1236E+200 1,633E-201
1,2247E+201 8,1651E-202
2,4494E+201 4,0826E-202
4,8989E+201 2,0413E-202
9,7978E+201 1,0206E-202
1,9596E+202 5,1032E-203
3,9191E+202 2,5516E-203
7,8382E+202 1,2758E-203
1,5676E+203 6,379E-204
3,1353E+203 3,1895E-204
6,2706E+203 1,5948E-204
1,2541E+204 7,9738E-205
2,5082E+204 3,9869E-205
5,0165E+204 1,9934E-205
1,0033E+205 9,9672E-206
2,0066E+205 4,9836E-206
4,0132E+205 2,4918E-206
8,0263E+205 1,2459E-206
1,6053E+206 6,2295E-207




1:  A technical XX-formsystem build around PA/WE-particles, FN/TN-particles/wavwparticles starting with some closer analysis of the issues. (no graphic so far, I an working on it).


















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