The Universe is starting up as an integrated and graduated neutrality of nothing tied to itself as pure existence and nothing free from itself as pure no-existence coming out of a complex symbiotic-nothing or a mixed virtualparticle detected by the physics – everything´s possible!!


A STATEMENT: If the Universe comes out of sheer nothing or as an actual virtual-particle being the only logical start for a not pre-decided or a self-made Universe, and suggested and partly scientifically proved in the-big-bang, the vacuum-genesis, and virtual-particle theories/hypothesis, then why does the Universe have to exist at all?! Why can´t it just not be there or just still active disappear (stay virtual) before the-big-bang unfolds – and that´s it then? Well, it´s obviously because nothing in and as the Universe isn´t a smooth and one-sided conception – it´s much more complex than that! The Universe is first of all the automatic integrated balance or graduated neutrality between tied-nothing and free-nothing that has to be in power in a Universe containing all possibly (nothing (-s)) there is! Just free-nothing or no-existence at all is then a wry incomplete Universe!

THE KEY EXPLANATION: The Universe has to start up as both a positive existing tied-nothing, inertia, physical, and as negative not-existing free-nothing, active, spiritual, because nothing is halfway or ‘originally’ an open conception (no own identity) and thereby open for being or active/static transform into everything else! First of all to be itself as nothing! The open half has no identity to prevent it from that and no identity or motive to hold on to itself! So it is spontaneously/simultaneously also halfway staying statically the way it is and thereby is tied-nothing as well – itself, existing! The Universe will start out as containing all the open nothing´s immediate options, like first of all being itself, so there is no chances for no-nothing to isolate itself as such in order to make the Universe not existing at all! And being gradual integrated into each other as that, the open or free-nothing indirectly becomes its own negative free-nothing identity and can then active (!) transforming disappear from tied-nothing because it thereby now has the ability to do so and the negative (no identity) motivation also to do it! Nothing can´t become totally nothing (not being there) unless it has itself to be totally (active) away from!!

That is simply how our active/static or negative/positive Universe starts up or is beginning to unfold! It´s very important to understand these fine details, it´s the key to understand a Universe of sheer nothing! Otherwise it´s difficult to make a closer description of nothing – because there isn´t any!!

In a Universe of absolute nothing even the smallest difference can make up a decisive and powerful effect as such! If the balance between the two parts isn´t precisely in the middle of them then it will become an oblique or a wry Universe – or first quantum of it. And it will not be total integrated in all other possible start quanta to form the one single start quantum in the-big-bang!

TIED-NOTHING/FREE-NOTHING: Free-nothing has to be still (!) active away from itself, if it stops up then it immediately becomes its own adversary as static tied-nothing! That’s how the constant activity or energy comes into the Universe! With a gradual mutual integration into each other the free-nothing will try also to get free from the tied-nothing and active transform it into new free-nothing; and on the other hand tied-nothing will try to stop up the free-nothing and static transform it into new tied-nothing! So this mutuality by the two parts makes them constantly switch or transform into new or post-transformed/separated editions of each other respectively, and that triggers the inflationary expansion of still new (!) neutral symbiotic-nothing quanta making up the space in the-big-bang – and to the beginning of successive pre/post time!

Any integration in the Universe means that the parts gradually or in various degrees also are (!!) each other and therefore also can make up or use each other as themselves directly! Free-nothing will f. ex. get a certain degree of own identity, and use it to its own active (negative) directed thinking!

THE FULL SPECTRUM OF STANDARD XX-FORMS OF NOTHING: There are still only two standard XX-forms of nothing in the Universe so far, tied-nothing or the TN-form as the sheer physical part and free-nothing or the FN-form as the sheer spiritual part – where are all the others?!  We will call all fundamental forms of nothing in symbiotic-nothing for XXforms from now on, it´s easier there are quite a lot of them; and we will also call static/active transformation to a new XX-form for a (pre/post-) separation out of neutral symbiotic-nothing – if a static/active transform precision isn´t necessary! The full spectrum of standard XX-forms in the Universe starts with the FN/TN-form´s different static/active transformation or separation out from its integration into the neutral symbiotic-nothing itself or the NT-form (not just the TN/FN-form respectively) (!!) – going further successively on from there to still new different negative/positive XX-form types!! You will now see what comes out of that both and spiritually and physically!


TA-FORM is the FN-form´s negative or active transforming of the neutral NT-form – not just the TN-form alone!! It is thereby the FNform´s negative disappearance from the NT-form´s all-nothing! That means total absence or what we also spiritually and physically experience as the total unconsciousness or sleep!! In our own human XX-formsystem or head/body figuration it also makes up the head´s primary XX-form together with its secondary TP anti-form. That means where our spiritual/real experience from our body are more freely gathered and exchanged/coordinated – and sends back through nerves into the body´s action again!

TP-FORM is the TN-form´s positive or static transformation of the neutral NT-form – not just the FN-form alone. It is thereby the TN-form´s positive appearance as the NT-form´s all-nothing! That means total presence (!) or what we also spiritual and physical  feels as total conscious or awake! In our own human XX-formsystem or head/body figuration it also makes up the body´s primary XX-form together with its secondary TA anti-form. That means where the reality is mostly present!

WI-FORM is the FN-form´s negative or active transformation now of the TP-form. It is thereby the FN-form´s negative disappearance from total presence everywhere to not being everywhere (!) – negation to emptiness everywhere!! That means just clear space or roomor sheer width! In our own human XX-formsystem it makes up more spiritually agoraphobia (afraid of space) or more physical the heart, lung and limp´s muscle extraction or relaxing!

NA-FORM is the TN-form´s positive or static transformation now of the TA-form. It is thereby the TN-form´s positive appearance of total absence or being nowhere – positive confirmation of nowhere! That means just no space or room – or sheer narrow! In our own human XX-formsystem it makes up more spiritually claustrophobia (afraid of closure) or more physical the mouth, throat and limp´s muscle contraction or tightening!

LA-form is the FN-form´s negative or active transformation of now the NA-form. It is thereby the FN-form´s negative disappearance from narrow (over filled) or totally outside! That means sheer missing or lack! In our own human XX-formsystem it makes up more spiritually the feeling of general privation or more physical the stomach´s hunger or not being satiated!

 SI-FORM is the TN-form´s positive or static transformation of the WI-form. It is thereby the TN-form´s positive appearance of width (emptiness) to just being wide or big! That means sheer size! In our own human XX-formsystem it makes up more spiritually the feeling of ambition (!) or more physical the stomach´s being filled up or satiated!

ST-FORM is the FN-form´s negative or active transformation of the SI-form. It is thereby the FN-form´s negative disappearance from size or outside in nowhere! That means sheer strange in just isolating itself outside everything else! In our own human XX-formsystem it makes up more spiritually fear of the unknown or more physical the surface, skin or sheer expelling! You can directly feel the ST-form by striking the back of your hand – it does feel strange!

IT-FORM is the TN-form´s positive or static transformation of the LA-form. It is thereby the TN-form´s positive appearance as lack or the lack of everything else but itself as being of it! That means sheer itself! In our own human XX-formsystem it makes up more spiritually the personal identity or the I or more physical the lever and stomach´s acceptance – and not its expelling! An IT-form being wry integrated over to the TA-form side has a female personality, and one being wry over to the TP-form side has a male personality!

FO-FORM is the FN-form´s negative or active transformation of the IT-form. It is thereby the FN-form´s negative disappearance from itself or before it becomes itself – or being its own! That means sheer (be-) fore! In our own human XX-formsystem it makes up more spiritually the feeling of past or more physical it makes up memory, heritage, dna – before the person!

AF-FORM is the TN-form´s positive or static transformation of the ST-form. It is thereby the TN-form´s positive appearance of strange or coming in as strange! That means sheer after! In our own human XX-formsystem it makes up more spiritually the feeling of future or more physical it is realizing new ideas! The FO/AF-forms has nothing to do with the pre/post chronological time, that is successive active/static transformation out from the NT-form making up similar relations (see: later)!

PA-FORM is the FN-form´s negative or active transformation of the AF-form. It is thereby the FN-form´s negative disappearance from after or nothing after! That means sheer destructive or self-eliminating pain! In our own human XX-formsystem it makes up more spiritually the feeling of despair, sorrowness or more physical the final elimination from the body!

WE-FORM is the TN-form´s positive or static transformation of the FO-form. It is thereby the TN-form´s positive appearance from (be-) fore or being before everything else! That means sheer expected, not yet disturbed, well (-being)! In our own human XX-formsystem it makes up more spiritually the feeling of (expected) happiness or more physical the undisturbed or not yet ruined!

W-T-FORM is a specific positive/negative ½/½ integration of the two WE/TA-forms or a direct part-neutrality of well/total-absence (violet as color). That means a kind of a mixed return XX/XX-form from well and back to the initial TA-form! A TN-form can´t appear further back from a WE-form because there isn´t anything before the in-coming or the expected, which is then analog with the NT-form or an automatic return to the initial TA-form – and wake up in the TP anti-form! In our own XX-formsystem it makes up more spiritually the extreme well or more physical the deep sleep – just before waking up!

P-T-FORM is a specific negative/positive’ ½/½ integration of the two PA/TP-forms or a direct part-neutrality of pain/total-presence (red violet as color). That means a kind of a mixed return XX/XX-form from pain and back to the initial TP-form! A FN-form can´t disappear further from a pain PA-form because there isn´t anything after everything´s elimination, which is then analog with the NT-form or an automatic return to an integration in the initial TP-form – and go to sleep in the TA anti-form! In our own XX-formsystem it makes up more spiritually extreme depressive or more physical in very awake – just before going to sleep!

TN-FORM FN-FORM is then the two absolute fundamental physical and spiritual XX-forms of tiednothing and free-nothing! In our own XX-formsystem the TN-form makes up the sheer existence, identity or pure integrated being of itself and all other integrated XX-forms. More physical it means matter/stuff or inertia – just being or stopping up! The FN-form on the other hand makes up the sheer no-existence or the important spiritual freedom not having to focus evenly on all XX-forms all the time – free in and out of your existence/mind!! More physical it means changing things or pure energy, nerves and all the various senses, smell, sound, light etc.!

CONCLUSION: We can hereby conclude that all the fundamental 1+2+14 both spiritual and physical XX-forms will makes up the universe – there is no need for any others. The NT-form (1) is the neutral symbiotic-nothing basis for a still ongoing free FN/TN-form’s active/static transforming/renewing or (light-speed, quantum or standard ‘size’) separation of different FN-forms. The two FN/TN-forms (2) generally represent the fundamental physic/spiritual XX-forms/XX anti-forms! The rest is the (14) standard XX-forms making up all the also both spiritual and physical topics that we know in/as our own universe – or our own personal existence. All these standard XX-forms makes up two parallel separated XX-octaves – just as in the rainbow´s (2*) 7 colors. That means as color it´s just the one positive XX-octave with an initial positive TP-form (red) or as an initial TPi-octave (white)! The seven XX–forms in the negative TAi-octave is not visible in the rainbow, only the TAi-octave (black) itself as the XXi anti-octave to the TPi-octave (white), is there. The two last standard W-T/P-T forms (violet) still return to their respective initial TA/TP-forms – as in the repeating awake/sleep 24-hour´s or 7-day´s weekly, monthly.. etc. routines!


RELATIONS: There are also, as I already have mentioned, other kinds of separations out from the NT-form than the actual standard XX-forms! There are also a set of fundamental relations which makes up something between all the more real or standard XX-forms! It´s something slight different from sheer nothing and therefore it can be perceived as such! As I have said earlier, everything different from sheer nothing has power in a Universe of just nothing! All XX-forms are sticking together in the whole Universe because they all come out from actually the same original NT-form – without being able to separate or qualitatively isolate themselves totally from that original mutual integration. An addition of more than one (almost same) XX-form in the universe will create an additional mutual (!) perception that only one XX-form alone in the universe can´t make up – that´s a relation! Entirely alike in the universe is also the exact same XX-form and not two XX-forms! It means that all same types of XX-forms has to be different somehow (personal or otherwise) to be two or more XX-forms – old/new or pre/post-separated out as XX-form is enough to do that!

FIGURATION: Relations can f. ex. also be all the figurative orientations or perceptions of what we understanding as 3-dimensional space or room. There is no (real) space; there are only perceptions of the relations between the various degrees of directional self-isolated XX-forms – in their otherwise mutual integrations! Inwards/outwards: The TA-form is absence everywhere but makes up a kind of an inner horizon; where the TP-form makes up the opposite namely the presence everywhere – that gives an outer horizon. That means the two TA/TP-forms will make up what we know as a ball-shape or two sphere-shells (XX sp-shell) respectively in/out from each other´s initial TA/TP-forms – or sphere-shells. Upwards/downwards: The two next separated WI/NA-forms will see themselves more in a XX-form/anti-form line in relation to each other, but it can still be in all the TA/TP sp-shell´s various figurative directions. They are more specially themselves than the more commonly all-embracing TA/TP-form pair!  They will therefore finally see themselves primarily up/down (head/body) in relation to the rest of the standard XX-forms in the whole TA/TP sp-hell! Left/right: The two next separated LA/SI-forms also lays in a XX-form/anti-form line to each other, but it has to cross or isolate from the other two WI/NA-form´s line so they lay in a left/right figurative direction. The two next separated ST/IT-forms will actually be in the same (opposite) left-right direction but a little twisted further down along a main head/body axes-line from a more focused TA over-form in the top or the head of the TA/TP sp-shell and a more focused TP over-form in the bottom or the body of the TA/TP sp-shell. It all gives a more overall oblong and tree-analog or twisting (double-helix (!)) figuration as well! Forwards/backwards: The two next separated FO/AF-forms are then again turned more around to a forward/backward line further down the main axes-line.  The same opposite figuration for the next two WE/PA-forms even further down the main axes-line. The two last (mixed) W-E/P-T-forms will sit in the end of the main axes or the body inside or outside the TP over-form – with f. ex. a P-T-form as electron (more about that: later). This twisted tree-analog figuration can also be seen as a similar (24hour) focus shifting succession (in and out of (clear) existence) around in the still more overall TAi/TPi sp-shell – which is f. ex. the HY-atom´s (hydrogen) figuration!

SPECIAL/COMMON: As we can see in the XX-octave´s successive separation then the post-separated XX-forms are more special in relation to the pre-separated XX-forms or more common initial XX-forms – in respectively excluding/including each other in their XX-form quality – like neutral symbiotic-nothing having the integration of all XX-forms as its quality. This special separation gets a qualitatively halt/end in the two exitial (opposite of initial) (violet) or return W-T/P-T forms. But a XX-octave can continue a special separation when the TA/TP-forms in the two W-T/P-T forms sees themselves outside (!) the first fully separated XX-octave and are respectively specially half the (quantum) size 1:0.5 of it. The new TA/TP-forms can as such see themselves FN-form´s disappeared from all the until now separated XX-forms in every one of its then special xx-units out of the still full separated quantum from the NT-form – you can´t change anything before the NT-form! But the primary focused xx-unit can in that way be unlimited smaller or more special – the other xx-units can to a certain degree be (no-existence) ignored!! Mostly only the relation to its own linear (!) successive XX-octave separation (1; 0.5; 0.25.. etc.) will count in this connection. That means again that any XX-form can see itself as a smaller and smaller xx-units outside itself in the same (!) full (covering) quantum – if a single xx-unit is totally isolated from the other xx-units then it can´t see the distance to or the disappearance from all the other XX-forms/units after all!

It is also possible to have a still more common (!) separation or rather integrated accumulation (!!) in the more adaptive (common) initial pre-separated TA/TP-forms in a linear XX-octave separation succession. They can/will also integrate/accumulate still more special post-separated XX-forms or xx-units specifically from its own linear separated XX-octaves – you could say on the other ‘side’ of their mutual NT-form! They will make up the more common XX-form´s many xx-nuances – the opposite of special xx-units! They are wanted integrations and not so specially independent (different) as the special xx-units, they are more tied up with each other as not just their whole quantum but also enormous amount of other xx-nuances/units from all the other XX-octaves as well in the linear separation! The more common XX-forms will generally make up the so-called XX over-forms (more embracing XX-forms), and the more special XX-forms will make up the so-called (autonomic) XX under -forms, and they are each other´s reciprocal XX anti-units/nuances respectively!

QUANTUM/TIME: The active/static transforming FN/TN-forms represent an unchangeable quantum (!) because it’s always separated from the still same new NT-form – and there is, as I said before, no changes possible before sheer nothing of cause! A static/active-transformation can be of an already separated XX-form, but they will always have to be still pre-separated (with light speed) in new editions out from the NT-form (stay in the present) otherwise they will disappear out in a total static (old) TN-form and isolated alone – in the past! That also goes for the more static positive XX-forms – new post-separated but otherwise unchanged positive static XX-forms!!

XX-OCTAVE: The XX-octave with seven standard XX-forms (tones, color) will play a major role in this theory! The successive separation (special) out of the NT-form to the various standard XX-forms is so that the first XX-forms are closest to the neutral NT-form and thereby also to all not yet separate XX-forms in the symbiotic-nothing! It means that all the pre-separated XX-forms contains all the post-separated XX-forms in the more common XX over-form´s (integration/accumulation) status; and the more post-separated the XX-forms are the more special (lonely outside) XX under-form´s status they becomes.

If they are all separated/accumulated out from a (local same) NT-form center (zero) then the commons will start with the excitial or last W-T/P/T-forms and the special starting by the initial TA/TP-forms! The special XX-forms will normally choose to focus on one single of its many full quantum xx-units and leave the rest in a certain degree out in the FN-forms no-existence status – or simply unfocused! That still more clear isolated (special) core or primary xx-unit of each of the standard XX-forms will, out from the initial XX-form and further pre-separated XX-forms, be specially reduced like this: /1.125; /1.1111111111; /1.0666666667; /1.125; /1.1111111111; /1.125 and finally /1.0666666667 down to the new/next initial 0.5 or ½ initial TA/TP-forms – just like the more special successive XX-octaves in the sound/music/color octaves! The various or different (!) distances between the primary xx-unit of the single special XX-forms in the XX-octave is (probably) due to the various qualitative integrations between the single adjoining XX-forms! But we can also see that in this connection a reduction of a full entirety (a full XX-octave) is 1-0.5 (the half) and not 1-0 – but then with 2 special xx-units as a full quantum!! 

The succession of the XX-forms in the two TAi-octave (sleep) and TPi-octave (awake) goes first in the TAi-octave as they are sat op in the description of the standard XX-forms above, then they switch over to the opposite in the return and awake daytime like this: TP-form, TA-form, NA-form, WI-form.. etc.! In our human XX-formsystem the awake or daytime period is twice as long as the sleep or nighttime period, but that is probably just because we like the daytime more than the nighttime! The value of a common/special high/low level separation/accumulation degree is made in successive quantum (qv) numbers! More high common XX-octave separation out from a mutual/local NT-form is a doubling up for every new XX-octave 1, 2, 4, 8 qv.. etc.! Where the special low separation is still the half 1, 0.5, 0.25, 0.125 qv.. etc., which means the reciprocal (qv) value of the common successive or high separation! The qv value also stands for the frequency/wavelength in the physics – more about that later.

The various more significant XX-form types in the common/special XX-octave separation means mostly an initial XX-form ahead of a full amount of successive or post-separated XX-octaves like this: The first 7 XX-octaves make up a full (7) XX-1ocave matching to the 7 single XX-form in a full single XX-octave! The same thing in the XX-2octaves for every 7 XX-1octaves, and the XX-3octaves for every 7 XX-2octaves.. etc. – in a common/special linear separation out from the same local initial NT-form! The common separation is actually just the reciprocal XX-form types of a special separation, which means f. ex. an excitial P-T-form for an initial TA-form.. etc.! The common XX-form/nuance´s qv value is also the reciprocal of the special XX anti-form/unit´s qv value – 1048576 qv common is anti to 1/1048576=9,536743E-07 qv special!

You can easily set in various separation formulas in a calculation-sheet where you can see the various significant initial XX-forms in respectively the XX-1octaves, the XX-2octaves (7 XX-1oc.) and the XX-3octaves (7 XX-2oc.) status in order to see their actual attraction value – we are in a spiritual/biological world where these things counts! A common standard XX xform/octave formula could be this: A1, =2^(((A3*7)-1)+A2); with two variables in A2 =x and A3 =x! In the A2 variable you will step up one XX-1octave (+1=*2..) at the time in the common separation or accumulation! In the A3 variable you can set in a separation number for every 7 XX-1octaves or every single XX-2octave (+1=*7). This means again that +7, +14, +21, +28, +35, +42, +49.. in the A3 variable will give the 7 successive single XX-3forms in the common succession of a full XX-3octave! A3 =49 will then give 8,958978E+102 qv in A1, which is the first (initially) full TPi 3octave! Further adding of A2 =1 will then just give an extra (common) single TA-1octave separation on 1,7917957E+103 qv.. etc.! The converting formula for a qv value to an A value or to wavelength in Angstrom in the physics is: =qv/2,28139112E+126.

Later there will be a sense or smell, sound, light etc.. XX-1/2twelvetave separation with a similar formula set-up: B1 =12^((12*B3)+B2); B2 =0; B3 =12 which will give a significant or initial sense separation tq value on 2,5240585845E+155 tq – but all about that later! You will need these formulas to move around in the fundamental separation/attraction XX-1/2/3form significances – the qv values are, as you can see, also representing wavelength (frequency) in the physics!

XX-FORMSYSTEM: An IT-form has its own specific personality in its different degree of integration in all other (standard) XX-forms, that means specifically different to all other IT-forms and their integrations – so the number of personal IT-forms (I´s) is practically unlimited. An IT-form can therefore personal limit any reasonable (continuing, functional) number of cooperating XX-forms to a XX-formsystem – its own (!) encapsulated renewing/focus-routine system – as we know it from all living creatures or people with a rather limited integration into other XX-formsystems. A simple XX-formsystem can be just two standard TA/TPi octaves where the original separation succession is followed up by all the XX-form´s re-separation still renewed out from the NT-form. That means just the successive old/new same (!) FN-form´s current out-separation with quantum successive light-speed – to keep the XX-forms into the present or in the 24hour daily successive renewing and focus shifting routine! But far more sophisticated XX-formsystems can be formed or composed (!) as we know from our own human XX bio-formsystems (see more: later). Our own XX bio-formsystem is a composed or component build up XX-formsystem consisting of (earlier independent) still smaller XX-formsystems which, precisely on cause of their own IT-form, can act partly subordinate or autonomic on their own as f. ex. bio-cells!

In a living XX-formsystem or between cooperating XX-forms there isn´t so much going on more physically between them – it´s practically all integrations! If f. ex. something is pulling together then it is focusing on its integration in the NA-form (narrow) which figuratively is sitting in against the inner horizon in contrast to the WI-form (wide) going figuratively out against the outer horizon – quite simple! The XX-forms all have their respective negative/positive XX anti-forms stemming from their mutual NT-form separation in a tight cooperation. They are each other´s diametrically qualitatively or active/static adversaries, but they are also each other´s complementary XX-forms in their original mutual NT-form neutrality, so they are both against each other and can´t really work without each other´s support or back-up – you could say!




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